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Wild Thyme Herb Shop

  110 N. College St, Waxahachie, Texas

in historic downtown Waxahachie!

Open Tues - Sat, 11:00 am til 5:30 pm 


Nourishing the body, mind and spirit!


Nancy at booth at the 2013 Healing Arts Fair in Bastrop TX

If you are personally interested in the possibilities offered by the use of herbs and herbalism, and holistic health in general, please consider setting up a private consultation with Nancy to address your health concerns naturally!  We will sit down together to discuss your current health and desired goals. What herbs are going to be best for you and your situation?  What dietary changes should you make? 

Consultation pricing:
Initial consultation (60 min to 90 min) - $65.00
Your 1st follow up session is included, as well as a one ounce herbal tea blend to get you started.

At the follow up session you will receive your personalized wellness plan, plus an herbal tincture formulated just for you.  The tincture prices are as follows:

1 oz. - $11.00
2 oz. - $18.00
4 oz. - $30.00

Bulk Tea prices vary based on the ingredients and are sold by the ounce.
Healing salves are from $6.00 to $10.00
Bulk herbs also vary in price and are sold by the ounce.

Please call with any questions, or to set up an appointment, 512-284-1152, or come by when I'm open.



We have been offering herbal classes twice a month this year!  Topics from Tincture making class to Herbs for the Nervous System have been offered.  Herbs to Balance your Chakras, How to make Herbal creams and salve, and more!  Our next class will focus on Allergies and Autoimmune issues, which is a two class topic.  Exact date TBD.

What will you find at the Herb Shop?

In addition to our monthly classes:

HERBS - We carry over 200 bulk herbs, (see list below) from alfalfa to yarrow, but if we don't have what you're looking for, odds are we can find it.  We believe that certified organic herbs are safer and healthier for you. This means that the herb you intend to consume hasn't been sprayed with toxic pesticides or other harmful chemicals. In the few cases where we can only find wild-crafted herbs, we only call upon herbalists who are known to harvest ethically and sustainably.

TEAS - We offer a nice selection of bagged teas and herbal tisanes, as well as a number of loose tea blends.  Brands on our shelves are Pukka Tea, Numi Teas, Stash Teas, Prince of Peace, Ajiri Tea, Davidson's Organic Teas, Zhena's Teas, plus a few of my favorite Yogi and Traditional Medicinal teas.  Many are caffeine free, but there is a good selection of regular teas as well.

We also have a variety of blended herbal teas, and can blend them on the spot for you, just tell us what you want.  Favorites are Nervous Headache Blend, Women's Wonder Brew, Vitali-Tea, Happy Heart, plus many more.

Frontier Fair Trade Organic Chai Black Tea  4 oz  $12.00 
Davidson's White Spicy Raspberry Tisane  2 oz      $8.00

ESSENTIAL OILS - Add the simple pleasures of aromatherapy to your everyday life with Aura Cacia's unparalleled selection of essential oils and ready-to-use skin care products — formulated from 100% pure essential oils, to provide true aromatherapy benefits for the body, mind and spirit.

A good article to read is here.  This discusses some safe practices for using essential oils.  Essential oils are strong plant medicine, so please use good common sense when applying.

A new article about treating essential oils as the sacred plant oils that they are can be found here.  Truly worth the read!

Important info from Aura Cacia

Learn more about how to use and blend essential oils here

Order essential oils here: Shop Wild Thyme Herb Shop

Hey!  We also carry handmade salves and balms for boo boos and sore muscles! Comfrey for fast healing, Calendula for soothing dry skin, CBD salve for painful skin issues.

SOAPS - Dr. Bronners Magic Liquid Soaps, locally made soaps, specialty soaps, Rose and Sandalwood soaps, Scrubby soaps, Itch soaps, we've got a lot of different soaps that are made for many different purposes.  All are either certified organic or are
 made locally using natural ingredients, including plant based oils and NO Petroleum!

We also feature handmade soaps from Rain Lily Soaps, a small sustainable business that takes pride in using pure ingredients and practices.  Lynn is based in San Antonio, Texas.  Did you know that essential oil based soaps are healthier for us and good for the skin?  Yes they are!

*PLANT TINCTURES - We carry simples and formulas that may help many people, such as a tincture for relaxing or a tincture that encourages you to sleep.  The truth is that most formulas need to be developed especially for you, the individual with specific needs.  What works for one person may not work as well for the next person.  We are all so very different!   And we can figure that out for you.

At Wild Thyme, we offer tinctures produced by Herbalist & Alchemist, my teacher's company.  We also now carry Earthwise Herbals liquid herbal extracts as well as some of the 4 Elements herbal extracts.

If you are making your own products, we have various supplies
in stock for you!

Empty tins and spray bottles; 1/2 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz and 4 oz dropper bottles; aluminum and glass spray bottles; 100 % cotton bags;  Bulk salts, beeswax, resins, carrier oils, essential oils - everything you need to make your own!

*We must also include the following disclaimer:  "These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and have not been evaluated by the FDA.  If you are taking prescription medication, or are pregnant or nursing, consult your health care provider before using using herbal products."  Many herbs have been used for millennia as healing products, its just that the FDA doesn't recognize them because they aren't able to control the thousands of plants that are out there. 

TEA POTS & GADGETS - Along with For Life Design teapots, we have mugs with basket infusers to make your tea in, or we have several options for infusing in a regular 'ol mug.  Tea balls, paper filters, stick infusers, squeeze infusers, and more.  Making it more fun for you at your tea party!

INCENSE / SMUDGE STICKS - What herb shop would beour  complete without incense or smudge sticks?
What are smudge sticks?  A very brief explanation for you:  "Using a smudging tool is part of many Native American traditions. The burning of herbs for emotional, psychic, and spiritual purification is also common practice among many religious, healing, and spiritual groups. The ritual of smudging can be defined as "spiritual house cleaning." In theory, the smoke attaches itself to negative energy and as the smoke clears it takes the negative energy with it, releasing it into another space where it will be regenerated into positive energy." taken from an article on About.Com by Phylameana lila Desy


Kava Chocolate bars.  Get your Kava the sweetest way possible! " It's the best of both worlds, Kava and Chocolate.  They take all natural Vanuatu kava root and mix it with high quality organic artisan chocolate to make the best chocolate bar you have ever experienced.  In today's hectic world we are bombarded with unhealthy choices and chemicals that are harmful.  Why not reward yourself with something good? Our chocolate bars are made from organic cacao beans which naturally contain high amounts of antioxidants that are good for your body.  Our kava root is naturally grown on the island of Vanuatu and is an herb that provides many natural benefits that are known to treat anxiety, induce relaxation, enhance socialization and relieve muscle tension.  Make your body happy, enjoy Kava Chocolate!"


Herb Geek


Common Name              Latin Name                       Organic/wild crafted         price per oz          


Agrimony Agrimonia eupatoria org 1.25
Alfalfa leaf Medicago sativa org 1.45
Alfalfa powder Medicago sativa org 1.55
Allspice - whole Pimenta officinalis org 1.75
Amla Phyllanthus emblica org 2.75
Angelica root Angelica archangelica org 2.25
Anise seed Pimpinella anisum org 1.30
Arnica flower Arnica montana org 12.25
Arrowroot powder Maranta arundinacea non 3.12
Artichoke leaf Cynara scolymus org 1.75
Ashwagandha root Withania somnifera org 2.30
Astragalus root Astragalus membranaceus org 3.90


Barberry root Berberis vulgaris non 1.50
Basil leaf, sweet Ocimum basilicum org 1.50
Bay leaf Laurus nobilis org 1.75
Bee Pollen n/a non 1.65
Bilberry leaf Vaccinium myrtillus org 1.35
Bilberry fruit Vaccinium myrtillus org 4.25
Bitter Melon Momordica charantia org 2.25
Bitter Orange peel Citrus aurantium org 1.75
Blackberry leaf Rubus fructicosus org 1.35
Black Cohosh root Cimicifuga racemosa org 3.00
Black Haw bark Viburnum prunifolium W/C 2.65
Bladderwrack Fucus vesiculosus non 1.00
Blessed Thistle Cnicus benedictus org 1.60
Blue Vervain Verbena hastata org 1.85
Blue Violet leaf Viola tricolor org 1.25
Borage leaf Borago officinalis org 1.10
Bupleurum root Bupleurum chinense org 2.50
Burdock root Arctium lappa org 1.60
Butchers Broom root Ruscus aculeatus W/C 2.50
Butternut bark Juglans cinerea W/C 1.75


Cacao powder, raw Theobroma cacao org 2.50
Calamus root Acorus calamus org 3.00
Calendula flowers Calendula officinalis org 2.55
California poppy Eschscholzia californica org 3.50
Camphor granules Cinnamomum camphora non 2.75
Caraway seed Carum carvi org 1.25
Cardamom pods Elettaria cardamomum org 3.50
Catnip leaf Nepeta cataria org 2.50
Cat's Claw bark Uncaria tomentosa W/C 2.50
Celery seed Apium graveolens org 1.50
Chamomile, German Matricaria recutita org 2.25
Chaparral leaf Larrea tridentata org 1.50
Chia seed Salvia hispanica org 1.60
Chicory root Chicorium intybus org 1.60
Cinnamon, Vietn. Cinnamomum loureirri org 1.83
Cinnamon sticks Cinnamomum burmannii org 1.25
Cleavers Galium aparine org 1.95
Cloves, whole Syzygium aromaticum org 3.40
Collinsonia root Collinsonia canadensis W/C 2.50
Coltsfoot Tussilago farfar W/C 1.40
Comfrey leaf Symphytum officinale org 1.50
Coriander seed Coriandrum sativum non 1.45
Corn silk Zea mays non 1.25
Cramp Bark Viburnum opulus W/C 5.50
Cumin seed Cuminum cyminum org 1.25
Curry powder herbal blend org 1.50


Damiana Turnera aphrodisiaca W/C 2.50
Dandelion leaf Taraxacum officinale org 1.75
Dandelion root Taraxacum officinale org 2.30
Dang Gui root Angelica sinensis org 3.85


Echinacea leaf Echinacea angustifolia org 1.75
Echinacea root Echinacea angustifolia org 4.50
Elderberry Sambacus nigra org 2.00
Elder flowers Sambacus nigra org 2.25
Elecampane root Inula helenium org 2.00
Eleuthero root Eleutherococcus senticosus org 1.25
Eyebright Euphrasia officinalis org 2.50


Fennel seed Foeniculum vulgare org 1.25
Fenugreek seed Trigonella foenumgraecum org 1.50
Feverfew Tanacetum parthenium org 1.85
Figwort Scrophularia nodosa org 2.00
Forsythia Fruit Forsythia suspensa org 2.75
Foti root Polygonum multiflorum org 2.25
Frankincense resin Boswellia carteri org 1.25


Garlic powder Allium sativum org 1.20
Ginger root Zingiber officinales org 2.40
Ginkgo leaf Ginkgo biloba org 1.95
Ginseng root Panax quinquefolius org unavailable
Gotu Kola Centella asiatica org 1.65
Gravel root Eutrochium purpereum non 2.05
Guardian Spirit herbal blend (Essiac) org 2.75
Gynostemma (Jiaogulan) Gynostemma pentaphyllum org 3.60


Hawthorn berry Cratagus monogyna org 1.25
Hawthorn leaf & flos Cratagus monogyna org 1.75
Herbes de Provence seasoning blend org 2.25
Hibiscus flowers Hibiscus sabdariffa org 1.50
Holy Basil (Tulsi) Ocimum sanctum org 2.50
Hops flowers Humulus lupulus org 4.29
Horehound Marrubium vulgare org 1.75
Horse Chestnut Aesculus hippocastanum org 1.75
Horsetail Equisetum hyemale W/C 1.25
Hyssop Hyssopus officinalis org 1.25


Indigo root, wild Baptisia tinctoria W/C 5.75


Jamaican Dogwood Piscidia piscipula W/C 1.75
Juniper berry Juniperus communis org 1.25


Kudzu root Pueraria montanlobata org 1.20


Lady's Mantle Alchemilla vulgaris W/C 1.75
Lavender flowers Lavandula angustifolia org 3.65
Lemon Balm Melissa officinalis org 2.25
Lemon Grass Cymbopogon citratus org 1.40
Lemon Verbena Lippia citriodora org 2.00
Licorice root Glycyrrhiza glabra org 2.25
Licorice root powder Glycyrrhiza glabra org 2.65
Linden leaf & flower Tilia europaea org 2.60
Lobelia Lobelia inflata org 3.95


Maca root powder Lepidium meyenii org 3.50
Marshmallow root Althea officinalis org 2.15
Meadowsweet Spirea ulmaria W/C 1.25
Menthol crystals Mentha arvensis non 7.25
Milk Thistle seed Silybum marianum org 1.80
Mistletoe, European Viscum album org 1.50
Motherwort Leonurus cardiaca org 2.50
Mugwort Artemesia vulgaris W/C 2.20
Muira Puama bark Croton echioides W/C 1.25
Mullein leaf Verbascum thapus org 1.95
Myrrh gum Commiphera myrrha non 1.65


Nettle leaf Urtica dioica org 1.55
Nettle leaf powder Urtica dioica org 2.15
Nettle root Urtica dioica org 2.05


Oatstraw Avena sativa org 1.50
Olive leaf Olea europaea org 1.30
Oregano Origanum vulgare org 1.95
Oregon Grape root Mahonia aquifolium  W/C 2.25


Papaya leaf Carica papaya org 1.25
Parsley leaf Petroselinum crispum org 1.99
Passionflower  Passiflora incarnata W/C 2.15
Pau d'Arco bark Tabebuia impetiginosa non 1.25
Peppercorns, whole, black Piper nigrum org 1.75
Peppermint leaf Mentha piperita org 1.85
Periwinkle Vinca minor org 1.20
Pipsissewa Chimaphila umbellata W/C 1.50
Plantain leaf Plantago lanceolata org out of stock
Prickly Ash bark Zanthoxylum americanum org 2.25


Red Clover blossom Trifolium pratense org 4.50
Red Raspberry leaf Rubus idaeus org 1.75
Red Root Ceanothus americanus W/C 2.10
Red Sage root (Dan Shen) Salvia miltiorrhiza org 1.50
Rehmannia root, proc. Rehmannia glulinosa org 2.85
Reishi mushroom Ganoderma lucidum org 2.15
Rhodiola root Rhodiola rosea org 3.00
Rose, Red Rosa spp. org 2.50
Rosebuds, pink, whole Rosa centifolia non 3.50
Rosehips Rosa canina org 1.35
Rosemary leaf Rosmarinus officinalis org 1.20


Sage, rubbed, garden Salvia officinalis org 1.75
Sage, White, ceremonial Salvia apiana W/C 2.40
Sassafras bark Sassafras albidium W/C 4.20
Saw Palmetto berry Serenoa repens org 2.25
Schisandra berry Schisandra chinensis org unavailable
Self-Heal Prunella vulgaris org 1.75
Shatavari root Asparagus racemosa org 1.75
Skullcap Scutellaria lateriflora org 2.50
Slippery Elm powder Ulmus rubra org 4.75
Solomon's Seal root Polygonatum biflorum W/C 3.25
Spearmint leaf Mentha spicata org 1.50
Star Anise Illicium verum org 1.75
Stevia leaf Stevia rebaudiana org 2.50
St Johns Wort Hypericum perforatum org 1.50
Strawberry leaf Fragaria vesca org 1.75


Thyme Thymus vulgaris org 2.25
Turmeric root Cucurma longa org 1.25
Turmeric root powder Cucurma longa org 1.50


Uva Ursi leaf Arctostaphylos uva-ursi org 1.75


Valerian root Valerian officinalis org 2.00
Vitex berry Vitex agnus-castus org 1.45


White Peony root Paeonia lactiflora org 1.75
White Willow bark Salix alba org 1.25
Wild Cherry bark Prunis serotina kosher 1.25
Wild Yam root Dioscorea villosa W/C 2.25
Witch Hazel Bark Hamemelis virginiana non 2.25
Wormwood Artemesia absinthium W/C 1.85


Yarrow leaf & flowers Achillea millefolium org 1.50
Yellow Dock Rumex crispus org 2.50
Yucca root Yucca glauca W/C 2.35

Call to order - THANK YOU!   512-284-1152

This Blog is a work in progress.  Please check back later for more product, sales and class information!